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providing fresh and quality sushi at reasonable prices


WL Campus       : (765) 743-7777

Bloomington     : (812) 333 7722

MAJE LLC was founded in Oct 2010. The concept of MAJE Sushi was developed by a Purdue graduate, Nay Oo. As a student, he noticed the pain of longer wait time, and very high price for a healthy meal of sushi on and around campus. The concept is about providing fresh healthy sushi meal in friendly manner, fair price, and fast production speed. It made MAJE sushi become an affordable sushi place at a reasonable speed for health conscious customers around the campus of Purdue University.

Only at MAJE will you find fresh sushi, fast service, and fair price at the same time. Although we specialize in authentic traditional Japanese sushi on the menu, some of our menu items are created with the blend of Japanese, and American sushi concepts due to our market analysis on campus. By that reason, our name, "MAJE" is created which is the acronym of Mixed American Japanese Essence. MAJE Sushi offers healthy sushi meal to Purdue Students and local customers cheaper than its competitors' restaurants but better quality and fast speed.

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